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Code Tutorials


Java XOR Checksum Calculator
Posted: 05/17/2009
Learn about how to take a hex string and compute the XOR checksum of the hex bytes.


Simple Code Obfuscation with PHP
Posted: 04/29/2007
A simple way to hide strings and URLs within your PHP code.

Basic eBay Search Parsing
Posted: 08/05/2005
A basic example of parsing eBay search results with PHP.

Creating Dynamic RSS Feeds With PHP
Posted: 08/02/2005
Using PHP to create an RSS file that is automatically updated.

Daily Dilbert
Posted: 08/02/2005
Have you ever wanted daily cartoon strips on your web site? Well now you can! We use PHP to scrape the newest Dilbert comic every day and store it locally. The image is only downloaded from their site once a day, saving bandwidth & allowing your site to serve the image faster!

Domain Expiration Notify Script
Posted: 03/17/2005
Simple script to help remind you when your domains are about to expire.

Basic Port Uptime Script
Posted: 03/17/2005
Simple script to notify you when ports on a server cannot be reached.

MySQL Logging to MySQL
Posted: 03/14/2005
How to log MySQL queries to a MySQL database.

PHPLiza: A PHP Eliza Clone
Posted: 03/13/2005
Remember Smarterchild from instant messenger? Eliza was one of the earliest forms of artificial intelligence and demonstrates a computer can be somewhat intelligent in responding to a user with questions. This is an Eliza program I completed for a course I took in college. The knowledge-base is very small, so it will probably seem *very* unintelligent, but it has the basic foundation there.

Xanga AIM Profile
Posted: 04/17/2004
Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your latest Xanga BLOG posts show up in your AOL Instant Messenger Profile? Learn how..