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About Techdose

This website has various electronic projects, articles and code tutorials by the author. Most of it was created between 2001-2013, before other interests and business ideas took off.

It's 2023 now, baby! is well over 20 years old!

Where were you the last few years?

This website was taken offline somewhere around 2020. It got dark. Real Dark. A single index.html file in a directory without any other files kinda dark. Until December 2023.

So what brings back?

After looking at SEO traffic statistics it seems there's a remote possibility that there's still people linking to projects and articles here. Apparently some of you thought some of the content was cool enough to link to. Hey, who are we to judge?

Oh and thank you for not removing broken links. I know it probably wasn't intentional but it was THE SOLE MOTIVATION to fire this old jalopy back up, grease the wheels a little, and see what kind of traffic actually hits!

A Case Study In SEO?

This website could be a cool case study in seeing how long it takes to get traffic going on a website that was taken offline for several years. I can showcase that on the website, talk about the traffic, show some graphs, perform some SEO, create new content. If numbers start looking semi-decent (100-200 visits/day would be good for now) then I'll add some fresh new content and see what happens. Going forward, there's a possibility this webiste gets a complete overhaul, with a better focus that has mass-market appeal and can actually be monetized properly this time around.

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads

My original intent circa 2001-2003 was to make a tech news website like Engadget. Big plans, but did not know how to execute. Turns out, in enough ways it's just about adding new content and creating something useful to people. There wasn't the influencer / affiliate marketing culture that went big by 2008. Heck, Youtube wasn't started until 2005. Oh and we had to walk 5 miles in the snow.

Anyway, I doubt I'll set out to do something like Engadget, but there's opportunity to pick a niche that can be focused on and write content to see where it all goes. My dream would be to take a website to 50-100k visits/month. Will it be this site? I don't know. Techdose at its prime was only ever a fraction of that, but it's a cool goal and achievable with the right niche.

On Another Note

One big let-down is there's other Techdose names showing up on Google now and established with followers, links, Youtube content, etc. This webiste had a unique name eons ago so it was easy to rank for the word "Techdose". Now, not so much. So we'll have to see once Google indexes the site again whether we have a snowball's chance in you-know-what of even getting into the first 3-5 pages of Google.

Whatever happens happens. Regardless, I am set on preserving the current content even if it's in a special time capsule section on the website. It's still a riot to me to look back at the past website designs for from the early days (see the bottom of this page).

For now though, enjoy the website! Hopefully you find something cool that sparks your interest!

Some prior questions/answers on this website are below.

Q: What is all about? was created in the fall of 2001 to allow for a suitable place for electronic and computer-related projects, tutorials, and news. Since its inception, the intention of this site has been to share information & ideas, as well as serve as an archive of code for current & future project use. The site is constantly evolving, but the general purpose of the site has and will be bringing you interesting and useful information about interesting gadgets and gizmos, product reviews, articles and more.

Q: Who are you?

I'm just another individual fascinated by technology and gadgets. I'm constantly toying around with new ideas, scheming up new projects or finding ways to justify spending my paycheck on some cool new product. I'd like to think that is more than just my thoughts and opinions though, and am looking forward into growing the site to be more community-driven.

Q: You haven't updated in a while, can I buy your domain?

No. It's mine and you can't have it =) You'll just have to bite the bullet and think of another couple of words that don't make much sense together. In all seriousness though, the reason I sometimes get behind with updates is that I have a life too. I find myself involved heavily in other projects or if it's summer, I'm often out grilling and having a few beers!

Q: This site looks different from how I remember it.. what's the deal?

You're probably thinking of another site. Just joking. Actually, this site has gone through three major redesigns and a handful of minor redesigns to reach the look it has achieved today. As with many sites, as the content evolves you eventually outgrow your design and must re-think the best way of organizing information. In addition, new coding practices or general boredom are also good reasons for a redesign.

Below are the previous major redesigns of
Version 1 (Nov 2001 - July 2003)
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Version 2 (July 2003 - March 2005)
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Version 3 (March 2005 - Current) - Current Design