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The Withings BeamO is an all-in-one thermometer, ECG and stethoscope
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Withings has a knack for turning up at CES with a gizmo that garners plenty of attention in the health-tech space. This year, at CES 2024, it’s showing off something called the BeamO, an all-in-one diagnostic tool that follows in the footsteps of its existing contact-free thermometer. Dubbed a “multiscope,” the $250 device will tell you how warm (or not) you’re feeling, measure your blood oxygenation, run a one-lead ECG and even act as a digital stethoscope. Put this to your chest and you can listen to the sounds your chest is making, or send the file to your physician for further analysis.

In the hand, the candybar-shaped BeamO is almost troublingly light, but while medical tech feels weighty, it doesn't actually need to be. You can cycle through its features with the joystick controller, letting you select between ECG / SpO2, Stethoscope, and the wireless temperature sensor. Despite the standalone display you'll need to use the companion app to guide you to use the stethoscope, since it's hard to offer that guidance while holding it at your chest. And you shouldn't have to worry about battery life, either, since the company says the BeamO will last for months at a time on a single charge. 

As much as Withings markets its products to the worried well, the company says this may have some real impact in the telemedicine space. After all, these sorts of basic tests are the ones you’ll experience most of the times you visit a doctor, but aren’t that easy to do online. (Especially given the dangers of self-reporting, the ability for a professional to hear what’s going on in the chest cavity seems key.) The company adds that, pending the usual long delay with the FDA, BeamO will also be able to detect atrial fibrillation.

Health Mate is also getting a fairly muscular overhaul to help bolster BeamO's feature set. Now, up to eight users will be able to track their medication intake and even log the symptoms that are prompting them to take a reading. This data can then be exported to whoever you wish to share it with, including sharing the live audio from the stethoscope.

Concept of Withings BeamO, a rectangular device held with two hands.

Once it has won its numerous approvals, it’ll be interesting to see if BeamO — silly name aside — will be seen as valuable by telehealth professionals. Certainly, paired with its class-leading Health Mate app, it’ll offer users an easy way to look at all of this data. We’ll just have to see if this helps doctors feel the same way, or if they’ll roll their eyes and stick to what they know. If nothing else, this is one way to help cut down on the number of health gadgets you'll need in your home. But we'll put this thing through its paces when the device begins shipping in June.

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