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Wear sunglasses, listen to music. Wait, why was this a good idea?
  Posted by: AceBHound on Dec 7th, 2004 8:31 AM
New Oakley glasses dubbed Oakly Thump™ have a built in digital music player. 128mb version is $395, while the 256mb version w/ polarized lenses is $495.

Oakley mounted the digital player's hardware on the frame's temples, including a sliding and pivoting feature to help adjust the speakers to the wearer's ears.

But slight head or neck movements often result in the speaker buds separating from the ear, diminishing the sound quality. Jogging or exercising only makes this worse. And if you can't drown out the unwanted music blaring from the gym speakers or the sound of traffic when working out outdoors, what's the point?

How nice.. If I had these glasses I'd definitely be screaming like the guy in the picture. Cool idea, but not for someone that wants to take jog on a cloudy day or workout with music in the gym.

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