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Building An Atari From Scratch
  Posted by: AceBHound on Jan 7th, 2002 3:33 AM
Ok, so it's not the most interesting news for a lot of people out there, but rather than blabber on about 2.2ghz this and 0.13-micron that like so many other tech sites are, I figured why not post an interesting article (at least to either classic gaming fans or anyone interested in electronics). The Atari 2600CE project over at is interesting in that Larry Ziegler basically learned what made an Atari tick by building one on a breadboard. In doing so, he won't have to hack up perfectly fine Atari systems just to make a portable Atari unit. The project is coming along pretty well and the breadboard Atari is actually in a working state. Larry plans on possibly talking with Infogrames about placing the unit into production. Very cool to say the least!

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