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More Prototypes
  Posted by: AceBHound on Sep 8th, 2012 10:36 AM
I just put in another order for some more prototype boards for pinball machines. The newest ones are 6351 prom adapter for Gottlieb System 1 pinball MPU boards and a 5101 RAM adapter development board of sorts.

I really need some 6351 prom adapter boards since we now have a few Gottlieb System 1 machines missing the 6351 proms (chip that contain the game code). The adapters are relatively simple & small enough to prototype in small quantities so figured why not. If all works out well, I may throw them into a panel order whenever I have enough variety of boards finalized and ready to order in larger quantities.

The other prototype board is a 5101 development board of sorts that I plan to use to nail down a better design for Bally/Stern/Gottlieb 5101 adapters. I've already had a number of other 5101 prototype adapters made, one was going to be a universal board allowing standard 6116/6264 standard RAM and had a place for coin cell and memory backup capacitor, but it proved to be too clunky of a board even after efficiently laying out the components. Besides that the standard 6116's seemed to be drawing too much battery current even though they were the low power version. I scaled back the design to a 6264-only adapter and that worked out pretty well, but wanted easier access to a few of the pins with a logic analyzer while I finalize the board design.

I have some other larger designs I'd like to work on but probably won't happen until the winter months. I'm trying to remind myself that the most important projects are the ones that will immediately make my life easier or solve a problem I'm having. If the design seems like a plug-and-play type of product that other people would find useful, then all the better!

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