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August Update
  Posted by: AceBHound on Aug 28th, 2012 8:04 PM
I'm still alive, still working on a lot of projects. Haven't really had anything monumental to post -- repaired another 5 or 6 corroded boards, a few Bally and a few Gottlieb. The Bally boards were in the "not worth repairing" category -- so it makes total sense I repaired them right? :)

I finally got one of my Dash-35 MPUs working. These were the new boards by Two Bit that I referenced several posts ago. Well.. they were being a PITA, booting fine at the bench but wouldn't work in the machine. Turns out something was wrong with the 2732 roms I burnt, even though the checksums were fine. On top of this, when I finally did get a board working the displays were strobing *very* slow, basically pulsing on and off. Turns out some resistors I bought that were packaged as 4.7k were actually 47k and one of those gets used in the display interrupt circuit. Easy mistake for the supplier when they're packing a large number of different resistors.

The best news, the hot tub is finally fixed! Well for now anyway, no more leaks *at all*. It's leaked for like 4 years in one form or another so it's really quite a great achievement to not have to empty a pan of water from under it every day.. or 3-4 times a day at its worst.

That's it for now, should be more frequent posts, repairs & tutorials as we get into fall/winter months. Stay tuned!

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