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Have R2-D2 serve up your internet connection
  Posted by: AceBHound on Feb 20th, 2005 12:45 PM
In what I can only describe as genious, possibly the coolest mod I've seen in a while (at least for Star Wars fans) -- the R2-D2 router case. Perfect for anyone who wants to disguise an ugly router or brag about having internet access served up by R2-D2. A guy gutted an old R2-D2 toy and put a mini-ITX motherboard inside. It runs OpenBSD 3.4-stable and serves as his router, firewall, web & file server.

R2D2PC is a completely fanless router running OpenBSD 3.4-stable. It serves very well as firewall, router, mp3 player, web and file server. To guarantee absolute noiseless operation the complete OS is placed on a 512mb compact flash card. I've used a boot floppy for the OpenBSD installation and downloaded the necessary packages via FTP. The mechanical hard drive is mounted as /home. It starts spinning only when personal data is accessed or when the system gets upgraded from sources. Httpd, smtpd and all other services are completely independent from the mechanical hard drive. A mfs (memory file system) RAM disk makes it possible to play many mp3 files without the need of a spinning hard drive. On average (low CPU usage) the router consumes less than 20W.

There's also a ton of other cool-looking cases built around mini-ITX motherboards at, like this Apache-model or a gumball machine.

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