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June 2012 Update
  Posted by: AceBHound on Jun 18th, 2012 7:34 PM
I just realized it's been over a month since the last update. Amazing how time flies. I'd love to post more tutorials and projects every week, but it all takes time.. and time is very much at a premium these days so I'm trying to maintain focus on the important stuff that leads to greater success down the road.

Lots going on behind the scenes. Still working on some prototype PCB boards.. probably within the next few months I'll make a larger order for boards and start assembling some products for sale. My main goal is to create some designs that sell well enough to sustain the next design. That way I can keep creating new and interesting products and stay motivated to create versus having 50x of a board that doesn't sell :)

Meanwhile, I've been building and selling some 32-pin cable harnesses for the SB-100 sound board and also 34-pin harnesses for the SB-300 sound board. They take a while to make since they're all hand-crimped terminals, but you can't beat a brand-new cable for reliability. Some people have damaged cables or buy these older machines without a sound board and later acquire a sound board that's missing a cable. I've really enjoyed the feedback on my article, so it's been nice to branch out and offer repair services for the SB-100 sound board and now be able to offer cables for sale.

Working on a new website for selling products and offering board repair services.. and maybe moving some of the pinball articles, repair logs, etc over there. I'm really not sure yet when this will happen but I've been designing in Photoshop and it's looking decent. Sometimes the designs sit for a few months before I actually get motivated to code. The website will probably make a debut after I make a larger board order and have assembled some products for sale. So sometime later this year.

That's pretty much it for now. Working on new ideas, trying to organize some, fixing up some of my own machines that may or may not make it into repair logs here. Oh and I finally got one of the Dash-35 (replacement Bally/Stern MPU boards) completely built and working. Talk about time intensive.. 300+ components per board. I think I'll buy an Alltek next time :)

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