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1st Prototype Boards Arrive!
  Posted by: AceBHound on May 21st, 2012 10:26 PM
After anxiously stalking the mailbox for the last 5 days, my first prototype circuit boards finally showed up! It was actually a pretty quick turn-around time (2 weeks exactly) considering the cheap cost on smaller sized boards. I have larger design that I really want to get boards made up for, but can't justify the cost. Once the boards get over a few square inches costs go WAY up.. and I know the larger board I want made won't be anywhere near a final design. I'm just tired of prototyping with perf board and wires.. it takes a long time and in the end it's a rats nest. Sure I have my schematic to go off of, but if something isn't working or stops working it's a real bear to figure out.

At this point, thinking if a few of these smaller boards work out okay.. I'll throw the larger prototype into a multi-design panel and off-set the cost of the larger prototype that way. It's pretty exciting to finally have boards made up for one of my own designs.. and what's more, it works!

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