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Mouser Order and Other News
  Posted by: AceBHound on Jan 26th, 2012 9:53 PM
Once again, nearly $200 poorer from a Mouser Electronics order =) Among the order was most of the parts for Ed Cheung's Williams Pinball Tester.. will prob need to order a few things from Digikey still since not everything was available from Mouser. Also getting a 0.084" pin extractor too so I can *finally* work on that Mr. & Mrs. Pac-man pinball that's been sitting on the back-burner for well over a year since it uses weird 0.084" AMP connectors on its power supply board. Couldn't find the extractor tool cheap so just kindof held off thinking I might be able to pick up one used. They go for like $50 on some websites. But Mouser finally showed them in stock for $27 so that's not too bad. All these specialty tools and parts really add up!

In other news, I'm considering spinning off the arcade/pinball content into a new website. I'm not sure how soon that might happen, but seems like that's the most logical progression since I'm still heavily into the pinball hobby. Plus, the pinball content is starting to become the dominant content on Techdose, so why not be able to theme the website entirely for that content and have a domain that makes sense, more coherent organization of the content, etc.

I'm also realizing I can't start 50 different projects and get far on them by bouncing around between them all. I've usually thrived on trying to do more than humanly possible, but it's not realistic. Focus is going to be very important for 2012.. so, I think some of the unnecessary projects like the "Data East MPU Repair" from my previous post are just going to be tossed from the idea bin. Cleaning up that board could easily take up 30-40hrs that could be better used on PCB design / creation, or fixing up a few pinball machines. It's hard to let ideas go, but when you're full of ideas then you got to learn to say goodbye to some :)

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