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Williams Phoenix Pinball
  Posted by: AceBHound on Jul 18th, 2011 11:16 PM
Worked on a Williams Phoenix a little bit over the weekend. Father bought this non-working of course. It's a Williams System 4 and has the 40-pin interconnect (connector between the MPU board and solenoid board) that is prone to problems. The previous owner had sent out the solenoid board for repair at one point so it was in pretty nice shape. At some point the machine stopped working and the owner was moving to a smaller house so decided to sell the machine.

Interconnect is usually the problem so I wiggled it some and turned the machine off/on and got it to boot. After a few minutes the machine's displays went blank and MPU board locked up. I cleaned the interconnect's male pins (on MPU) with a wire brush and it seems to boot pretty consistently now. Not to say they won't ever need to be replaced but I'm of the attitude if it works, why break it =]

After a while the displays started messing up. I pushed lightly on some of the chips in the sockets and popped out IC17 (flipper rom) since the legs looked pretty oxidized. Ended up replacing it with an EPROM only to find out it wasn't the issue. Also replaced a PIA chip scanbe socket since it appeared pressing on the PIA caused the displays to light up. In the end, the display issues appear to have been caused by the DISPLAY STROBE connectors on the MPU board -- wiggling the connectors would cause some displays to lose all or most of their digits, or light up correctly. Re-pinned and replaced IJ7 (right-most DISPLAY STROBE) since one of its pins had green gooey crud on it. Displays were fine, then flaked out again. Wiggling IJ6 and that got them back on. Wire-brushed the male pins on IJ6 and the displays seem good so far. May end up re-pinning IJ6 connector, possibly looking at the male pins on the board for each of those if it acts up further.

Not overly impressed with the game play but it's not *horrible*. If it was my only machine I wouldn't mind playing it -- when you have a lot of other options you tend to gravitate to the ones that offer more intriguing game play. Still more work to do but always nice making some headway on something.

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