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Jungle Lord Update #4
  Posted by: AceBHound on Sep 18th, 2010 6:57 PM
The drop targets on the Jungle Lord pinball seemed to be gummed up -- some would only go half-way down when the ball hit them, some would go the entire way down, some wouldn't budge at all. I had to unscrew each drop target assembly to see what was happening. The top metal bar across the back of the drop targets was causing the issue -- when I loosened some of the screws it the targets seemed to work fine. So tested by adding a washer behind each screw that what went into this bar and the drop targets worked fine. Did this on all drop target assemblies and got the drop targets working very well. Also scanned and printed new drop target decals -- they're a little more red than I wanted them (think the originals were an orange Lion) but they'll do for now.

Next up, trying to get the 1st and 3rd player display's 100s digit working correctly. This digit is missing entirely. I checked the display driver PIA chip and 74154 chip with a logic probe and was getting pulses on the appropriate pins. Thinking I might have an issue at one end of the connectors that go from the CPU to master display board. Either that or could be a UDN chip on the master display board but tested them with the diode test per Clay's site and were testing fine. Again in the situation I don't want to blindly replace chips that are going to cost $1-2 each (or more if it's a PIA chip) plus shipping, if I can isolate more.

Also have to replace one or more of the GI connectors, as previous "hacker" had split one of the GI connectors and soldered half of the wires directly to the power supply board. Well the other half of the connector is still heating up A LOT. So need to replace both the male pins & female connector to get a good connection & get rid of the heat!

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