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Atari 2600 Bank Switch Testing Apparatus
  Posted by: AceBHound on Aug 29th, 2010 5:29 PM
Over the weekend I decided to begin setup on what I needed for testing some simple Eprom bank switching. Basically what I'm shooting for is to use a larger 27c512 (64kb) Eprom instead of the 4kb PROM that's usually found in the cartridges and have the ability to put multiple games on a single Eprom. So far so good, I've unsoldered the original PROM from the cartridge and I'm using an IDE cable to wire the cartridge PCB to a breadboard. On the breadboard I wired everything up to the original game PROM (in this case an Asteroids) and it's working fine. Next step will be to burn a game to the 27c512 Eprom and rewire all of the corresponding address and data lines to the larger Eprom. If I have success there it should just be a matter of hooking the higher address lines to a DIP switch so I can manually switch the address banks and select a different game. That's the plan anyway!

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