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Lycos targets spammers with screensaver
  Posted by: AceBHound on Dec 5th, 2004 10:27 AM
If you ask any mail server admin, he will likey tell you that spam control is the #1 complaint of his clients. While some users can accept receiving a certain amount of spam, other users want more and more control over what gets through to their Inbox. As new spam-fighting software comes out, you can bet that spammers are finding new ways to defeat the software. It's an ongoing problem that really has no short-term solution. Lycos has a new approach to fighting these spammers..

Lycos Europe will begin offering a new screensaver that it hopes will make spamming an increasingly costly business. The screensaver, available at cleverly-named, works by hitting sites that advertise in spam e-mails with an endless barrage of data requests. Lycos hopes to get a sufficient number of people signed up and running the screensaver so that spammers will see their bandwidth bills soar. The sites targeted will come from blacklists generated by Spamcop and other anti-spam organizations.

I'm not sure I agree with their methods. While any of us would love to get our hands on a spammer (I can't count the number of "Rolex" emails I've received in the last 2 months), having users send out 3-4mb files is probably not going to help the situation. It's backwards thinking like this that's going to get our monthly DSL or Cable fees raised.

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