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SunRocket VoIP Provider Closes Without Warning
  Posted by: AceBHound on Jul 17th, 2007 10:04 PM
Well, just after replacing my Linksys router to get solid performance out of VoIP, SunRocket decides to shut down its VoIP service. Sometimes I just have that kind of luck. As of this afternoon, I was still able to receive calls.. but many people are unable to make or receive calls and I'm sure my service will be soon to follow. Yay.

SunRocket laid off almost 200 employees at its Springfield, Mo., call center Monday, The Springfield News-Leader reported.

The company also laid off what its chief marketing officer called "a significant number" of employees July 3, five days after the firings of two top executives, Chief Technology Officer Mark Fedor and Chief Information Officer Robert Kramer. The company's chief financial officer, David Samuels, resigned July 2.

Some people identifying themselves as SunRocket customers on Internet discussion boards were complaining about outages Monday, while others said their service was working. The company has been known to have periodic outages in the past.

It looks like ViaTalk is looking to help SunRocket customers by offering a 6mo contract buyout and free shipping coupon for the equipment they'll send out.

A. When you sign up for phone service for $199 a year you will receive up to 6 months of your unused SunRocket contract time for free. For example:

- If you had a 12 month contract with SunRocket and only used 8 months of service you will receive 4 months free.

- If you had a 12 month contract with SunRocket and only used 2 months of service you will receive 6 months free since the promotion is good for up to 6 months of service.

This is the first time I've experienced something like this where the company gives absolutely no warning of discontinuing service. There is still no info on the SunRocket website either. Fun.

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