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Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP Bugs
  Posted by: AceBHound on Sep 9th, 2006 8:38 PM
I've been using Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.05 as an IMAP client for the last few months. I'm reasonably happy with it -- it's free after all and you can't complain about that. I'm also used to IMAP itself being a little quirky, but one thing that's annoying the bejezus out of me in Thunderbird happens when I try to pull mail from the inbox into a folder.

On the desktop where I have the IMAP server installed, the client usually moves the message instantly into the folder. When on my laptop, however.. 50% of the time I have to pull the message to the folder more than once for it to physically move out of the inbox. The catch is, each time I pull it over, it puts a copy of the email in the folder like it's supposed to. The end result being tons of duplicate messages I don't want. This seems to indicate an issue with whatever response Thunderbird is supposed to send back to the IMAP server.

Luckily someone wrote a Thunderbird Extension called Remove Duplicate Messages to search folders & remove duplicate emails. This takes care of the aftermath of any issues when moving emails out of the inbox.. but it would really be nice to not have duplicates happen like this in the first place.

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