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Scary Looking Robot Knows Its Bananas
  Posted by: AceBHound on Mar 21st, 2004 7:49 PM
Not even the little robot toys from Puppet Master or the Chucky doll can stack up against the freaky orang-utan head on "Lucy", a Five-CPU robot that holds well to the saying "looks aren't everything." It's actually a pretty intelligent robot.. though I would still lock it in the attic when sleeping.

"Lucy is not an ordinary robot, driven by software. She's a pure product of artificial intelligence (AI). And after a three-year long training, she's now able to make a difference between an apple and a banana, which is quite handy for an orang-utan, even if she doesn't eat them. Her five microcontroller chips wouldn't like this... In "A Grand plan for brainy robots," BBC News Online tells us that Lucy is the brainchild of Steve Grand, an honorary research fellow at Cardiff University's School of Psychology. And why did he choose an orang-utan design? "I made Lucy as an orang-utan because, can you imagine how scary it would be if she looked like a human baby?," said Grand."

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