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P4 1.6a Overclock
  Posted by: Rockstar101 on Apr 4th, 2002 12:30 AM
If anyone has been following the Pentium Northwood chips, they would have to notice the great o/c's that people are getting. I was in store for a new computer so I tried my hand at a 1.6 Ghz P4 on an Asus P4B266-C. I was able to get 2.133ghz out of mine without upping the voltate and with the same stock fan and heatsink! Later on I'll be trying to get a little more out of the chip. If you want more information you can head over to the Virtual Hideout. They have a nice article on an 1.8 Northwood overclocked to 2.6 ghz. W00tx0r!

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