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Computer sound like a jet engine? Build a silent PC.
  Posted by: AceBHound on Mar 15th, 2004 11:19 PM
I guess we all get used to it, well those of us who have been into overclocking at one time or another. The constant battle of pushing your computer to the limits while keeping it cool.. not paying attention to just how noisy you're making it. This has been the case for me as I've built computers anyway -- but I recently got a Dell PowerEdge 400SC (low-end server) and the first few times using it ended up turning it off by accident when trying to start it up because I thought it was off. When it's on, I can put my ear next to it and it still sounds.. well, silent.

I do, however, have several PCs that still have very noisy fans from my overclocking days and I came across, a site dedicated to helping you make your computer less of an annoyance, in the noise department anyway =) The only downside is the cost of most of these components. Anyway, if you want to know where to start or how to identify which components are making all that noise, I suggest at least checking out their step-by-step guide.

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