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IPv6 The Next Y2k?
  Posted by: AceBHound on Nov 14th, 2005 7:20 PM
I just thought about this the other day (my mind wanders sometimes) -- IPv6 does not have a definite deadline like the Y2k fiasco, but it presents some large problems for software and hardware manufacturers who hadn't taken IPv6 into account when designing their applications. On a small scale, lets consider an e-commerce website which collects the IP address of visitors who make a purchase. If the database column setup to hold the IP address is limited to 15 characters (12 numbers, 3 decimals).. an IPv6 address is going to get truncated. IP address logging is probably the least of everyone's problems though. According to this article, it seems the US is behind many other countries in adopting IPv6.

The only major U.S. commitment to IP v. 6 so far has been from the Defense Department, which has mandated a move to the new protocols by 2008. This is a splendid example, but DOD speaks for no one but itself. What is needed is a White House office of IP v. 6 that can set a national agenda and lead a transition by both the public and private sectors to the new protocol suite.

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