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Squeezebox 3
  Posted by: AceBHound on Oct 25th, 2005 10:14 AM
Third generation Squeezebox by Slim Devices has just debuted. Looks like it's mostly just a cosmetic change in the case, linear power supply and dual internal antennae (rather than 1 internal, 1 external). Runs the same software as the Squeezebox 2.

Here's the email notice I received:
We are pleased to introduce the third-generation Squeezebox. This is a new design created by Fred Bould, an internationally renowned California designer of cool, modern products. The new form is beautiful, combining brushed aluminum, solid steel, and highly polished surfaces. Also, we've added support for native WMA playback, automatic volume leveling, WPA2 security, and beautifully detailed Asian characters. SlimServer 6.2 is available for download now - look for the release notes on the downloads page to see all of the updates.

I like the new case design they've come up with -- it seems like it would fit a lot more settings than the previous design which seemed to favor entertainment centers, however I also don't think this design is best suited for entertainment centers either.

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