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Xanga AIM Profile

Date: 04/17/2004
Author: Wayne Eggert

So I was sitting around one day and trying to think of something cool to do with AOL Instant Messenger. Almost everyone uses it, and in the last couple of years the "Extended Profiles" and "Think you know me? Take the test!" types of novelties have been growing quite popular. I wanted to know how they were done and whether I could put some useful, dynamic information in my AIM Profile. Turns out it's really not that hard to make a web page display in your AIM profile.. it just requires you to manually edit the "info.htm" page, generally found in "C:\Documents and Settings\(Windows User Name)\Application Data\Aim\(AIM User Name)". All I needed to do was to find something useful to display on the web page -- instantly I thought of Xanga because I thought it would be cool to have my latest Xanga post available via a link in my profile.

Getting A Web Page In Your AIM
Starting off simple I decided to figure out how to display any old website in my AIM profile. So I opened up "info.html", again located in C:\Documents and Settings\(Windows User Name)\Application Data\Aim\(AIM User Name) and wrote out some quick HTML for my profile.

I edited "info.html" with the following:

<A HREF="" target="_SELF">Google in your profile!</A></FONT></BODY></HTML>

When you save the file and restart instant messenger, you should now have a link to click on in your AIM profile that will load inside of your profile window. Simple enough, right?

Scraping Xanga Onto A Web Page
Now that we know how to get a web page to load in the AIM profile, it's time to make the page that scrapes the Xanga site for the latest post. You'll have to create this on your own web server. I won't go into details about the parsing, it's basically just exploding/seperating information on DIV tags first, then TABLE tags, then TD tags and finally replacing any unneeded text like the "Currently listening to:".

Here's the code:

echo "<HTML>";

// URL to your Xanga website
$URL "";

// Download the entire web page into variable $r
$file fopen("$URL""r");
$r "";
    do {
$data fread($file8192);
       if (
strlen($data) == 0) {
$r .= $data;
    } while (

// Begin parsing to find the content of the latest post
    // Seperates on "div" tags first, then "tables", then "td" tags.
$xangaPosts explode('<div class="blogheader">',$r);
$xangaTABLE preg_split ("/<table.*?>/"$xangaPosts[1]);
$xangaTD preg_split ("/<td.*?>/"$xangaTABLE[1]);
$postDate eregi_replace("</div>","",$xangaTABLE[0]);
$post eregi_replace("Currently Listening to:.*","",$xangaTD[2]);
$post substr_replace($post,'',0,3);
$post eregi_replace("<P>","<BR><BR>",$post);
$post eregi_replace("</P>","",$post);

// Print out the date of the Xanga post & the contents of the post.
echo "<B>".$postDate."</B><BR>";

// Provide a link to read more posts
echo "<BR><A HREF=\"\" TARGET=\"_blank\">[read more]</a>";

That's A Wrap
Now all there is to do is to change that link to in your "info.htm" file to reference the Xanga scraping page on your web server. Now you too can have your latest Xanga posts directly inside your AIM profile! You could also use this technique to load any other dynamic information into your profile.. so have at it!

Posted 02/22/06 3:13PM by noobie
how do i find "info.htm" i cant find it in my documents and settings.HELP!!!!! ASAPPAASPAA
Posted 01/20/06 4:14PM by Anonymous Techdoser
when i edit the info what program do i use?
adding an image
Posted 11/17/05 4:40PM by sue
does anyone know how
to add an image to
their aim profile/info??
okay i'll just put it like this
Posted 05/09/05 3:08PM by Anonymous Techdoser
the URL is and put the target as target="_aim_today"
re:movie clip in profiles
Posted 05/08/05 11:36PM by Anonymous Techdoser
it won't work in the profile images, but you can put flash, movies, images, and everything in the aimtoday link.

instead of the link given currently to put in info.htm

Click Here

also, it isa .php file
file name
Posted 04/11/05 8:06PM by Anonymous Techdoser
What do you save the scraping file as? PHP?
re: movie clips in profiles
Posted 03/26/05 2:36AM by AceBHound
I don't think it's possible to have the movie appear directly within the AIM profile. You would probably have to link to it. I know loading images is out of the question because of security risks, so I would assume the same goes for movies.
movies clips in profiles
Posted 03/23/05 12:09AM by Anonymous Techdoser
is it possible to edit the file and add the html for a clip. if so how. i'm hvaing some problems with thing. my sn is eug1080 if anyone has any ideas.