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Repairing a Data East Last Action Hero Magnet Controller Board

Author: Wayne Eggert
Date: 5/23/2010

I like Data East pinball machines.  Last Action Hero wasn't the greatest movie, but the pinball machine is pretty darn fun in my book.. except there are days where the ball seems to drain down the outlane on the skill shot quite a bit.  Anyway, this repair involves the magnet contorller board in a Data East Last Action Hero pinball machine.

Magnets aren't working at all during gameplay and confirmed not working in the Diagnostics.  Also the F9 fuse on the PPB board is blowing.  This board is used for special solenoids.  Originally I thought the solenoid used on The Ripper was the cause of the F9 fuse blowing, but found out the magnet controller board was also on the same fuse.  The Ripper is this special chute that you shoot the pinball into and it fires the pinball at lighting speed toward the flippers.  After unplugging the magnet controller board, the F9 fuse no longer blew & The Ripper solenoid worked just fine.

Here's a picture of the magnet controller board with arrows showing the 3 mosfets on the board that are responsible for delivering power to each of the 3 magnets under the playfield.

Magnet Controller Board

As recommended by Clay's repair pages, I replaced each of the P20N10 mosfets with IRL540 mosfets and also added the .22uf capacitor on the 74HCT273 between the clock signal and ground (only IC chip on the magnet board).  Diode test on the multimeter won't work on these mosfets.  I basically replaced them blindly figuring it was something on the magnet controller board shorting and aside from the single IC on the board, the mosfets were the most likely culprit.  After replacing all 3 mosfets, the magnets worked & the F9 fuse no longer blew with the magnet controller board connected.

Magnet Board
Posted 05/18/13 7:33AM by Dave32ars
I have this same problem. Could I also get the list of parts needed to fix problem as well? Thanks!
magnet board
Posted 03/16/12 9:26PM by pinheadpaul
Got your email, ordered all the parts from your email. This was my first ever job on a board. I unsoldered the diode and all three mosfets slow and steady, then resoldered all the new ones. changed out all fuses with brand new, game works like a dream. Man, this is a whole new game with the magnet feature. I bet many people who own this game never really get to play with the magnet option because its always blown. Anyway, you rock, thanks a million. Paul
magnet board
Posted 03/10/12 9:01PM by pinheadpaul
How much to send this item to you to have repaired. If your not interested, please tell me exactly where to get the 3 mosfets and the capacitor together from the same company. Finding out there are ALOT of different models for an irl540. Any input, and or a price to repair mine will be appreciated. As I do not want to damage anything. Thanks