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Projects & Mods

Gottlieb System 1 Switch Tester (prototype)
Posted: 03/17/2013
Switch tester for Gottlieb System 1 MPU boards that can be used to identify switch matrix problems & also aid in testing individual lamps/coils.

LED Pinball Display For Early Bally/Stern Games
Posted: 08/14/2011
Creating a pinball display for early Bally/Stern games.

Arcade Trackball Mouse Hack
Posted: 03/30/2011
Hook an arcade trackball up to your PC by wiring its horizontal and vertical phase outputs up to a mouse.

6116 to 5101 RAM Adapter for Stern MPU-100
Posted: 03/26/2011
Adapter for converting 6116 to 5101 RAM

Stern Pinball SB-100 Sound Board
Posted: 02/28/2011
Article on theory, diagnosing & repair of the Stern SB-100 Sound Board used on Stern's early electronic pinball machines.

Needham's SA-20 EPROM Programmer
Posted: 08/21/2010
I bought a used Needham's SA-20 EPROM Programmer recently for arcade ROM programming. This document describes how I got it working in Windows XP.

BEAM Robotics
Posted: 09/26/2009
Some experimenting with BEAM Robotics to build some neat little robots.

Furby Hacking 101
Posted: 09/19/2009
Furbies are annoying little creatures, but there's some clever mechanics behind them. This will be an on-going project as I learn about Furbies and their various sensors.

XGS Pico
Posted: 03/15/2006
Videogame System Development Kit. Let the learning begin!

SqueezeboxPlayer Widget
Posted: 11/09/2005
My first experiment with Konfabulator widgets. Note: (On indefinite hold due to copyright of original author)

MAME Arcade Machine
Posted: 03/02/2005
From inception to final touches, building a MAME Arcade Machine from the ground up. Currently in very early stages, we're still working on research & purchasing materials.

Converting a Virgin Webplayer into a PC
Posted: 03/23/2002
Since I acquired a Webplayer Internet Appliance rather cheap off of and had an extra laptop drive hanging around, I had decided to hack it into a computer as many others have done. I documented it into a tutorial of sorts and also compiled some assembly files to control the LED lights, which I made available for download.

Atari Cartridge w/ 24-pin DIP Socket
Posted: 03/07/2002
This article describes my attempt at building an Eprom cartridge for the Atari 2600 that will support two types of Eproms by using jumpers. It just gives a basic overview of what I did and why. I haven't worked with it much recently, but it was fun to mess around with.

Fujitsu i-4187 & Slack 8
Posted: 02/11/2002
My experience with installing Slackware on a Fujitsu i-4187 laptop. Configuration files and help for getting video, audio, and touchpad setup are included.