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Deltronic Test Fixture for Skee-Ball Model H
Posted: 03/14/2012
Information about the Deltronic Test Fixture for Skee-Ball Model H alleys.

The History of Skee-Ball Machines
Posted: 02/01/2012
A history of Skee-Ball machines and their evolution since the game was invented in 1909.

Model 78 Skee-Ball Information
Posted: 12/16/2011
Information and pictures from a vintage Model 78 Skeeball.

Computer Software/Hardware

Consumer Alert: Bootleg Software on Amazon Marketplace
Posted: 03/02/2008
Watch out for bootleg software on Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. The bootlegs are getting harder to spot and you may be sorely surprised your deal was not a deal at all.


Guide for First Time Pinball Buyers
Posted: 01/22/2012
There are pinball machines for everyone's personality. This is a guide for first time pinball buyers that may or may not know what kind of machine they want.

Web Entrepreneurism

Freelance Web Development - Don't quit your day job
Posted: 09/07/2006
Being your own boss can be very rewarding, but is not without its own share of issues.

Non-compliant Web: An exercise in frustration
Posted: 04/04/2006
Programming websites can be a chore with browsers interpreting code differently.

Expired Domains Gone Bad
Posted: 02/26/2006
You bought a domain, you used an email address at that domain as your primary address & for various online accounts -- and you let it expire. Here's why expired domains can be a bad thing.

Missing with Targeted Advertising
Posted: 03/26/2005
Despite ad content targeting ad programs like Google Adwords, Kanoodle, & Overture, advertisers are many times still missing their intended audience and costing themselves financially. Whos fault is it? Actually, a lot of it is ad service greedines

Slashdot Effect Prevention: Still Neccessary?
Posted: 03/22/2005
What is the Slashdot Effect and is it still something to be concerned about?

Blogs: A Search Engine's Worst Nightmare?
Posted: 03/14/2005
Are blogs bad for the search engines?