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For Sale - NVRAM Williams & Data East Pinball 6264 RAM Replacement - Eliminates Batteries
  Posted by: AceBHound on Mar 10th, 2012 2:49 PM
Offering for sale some NVRAM Ram Replacements for Data East / Williams pinball machines. These will replace 6064, 6264 or 2064 RAM ICs. From what I've found so far, practically all Data East machines use this type of RAM & it is in a socket so it's a very simple swap-out. Williams machines may use a different type of RAM & it will be soldered to the board, so will take more work to use this NVRAM.

These adapters are simply taking an SOIC Ramtron chip that is already pin-compatible with 6064, 6264 or 2064 RAM & using a common SOIP-28 to DIP-28 adapter board to turn the surface mount part into the DIP part. If you have a temp controlled soldering gun and are handy enough at soldering surface mount parts, I'll sell the components (pcb board, RAM & machine header pins) for $12ea shipped or less if ordering bulk amounts.

Contact me via the link on this website or Pinside if you're interested.

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