Friday March 01, 2024

White Rose Gameroom Show 2011
  Posted by: AceBHound on Oct 9th, 2011 8:58 AM
I made it to the White Rose Gameroom Show (aka York Pinball Show) on Friday. It's the first pinball show I've attended and it was a great experience. Lots of games setup on free play, according to many people it was one of the best years as far as the amount of playable games. It was great being able to try out some really unique games and a lot of the newer games.. even found some things at the outdoor flea market and won a "door prize" Coca Cola glass =]

Otherwise it's been busy here as always. Been working on my pinball LED display project and many other game repairs. Cleaned up an Amazing Spiderman (Gottlieb System 80) MPU board that had a lot of damage from battery acid. Haven't yet tried it out since the machine is in storage.. but seems like it's booting fine now. My exercise bike's computer went south again and think I tracked that down to a 32.768khz clock crystal.. so far it's been working fine. Also been working on getting some Skeeball machines fixed up. Never at a loss for something to do here =) That's it for now, I'll post some more updates soon.

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