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Kingston Memory Warranty - Thumbs Up!
  Posted by: AceBHound on Aug 5th, 2008 7:23 PM
I'm no stranger to failing memory in computer systems, but I typically hope to catch any memory errors within the first few weeks of the memory purchase. Unfortunately, you can't always diagnose a memory issue in that time-frame and sometimes a memory issue might not surface for a few months or years even. To my dismay, about 6-months after purchasing Kingston memory, it began failing in a desktop computer. Luckily for me the story didn't end there.

Kingston Technology is one of those companies that stands out from the rest in that it offers a lifetime warranty on memory. The return process couldn't have been easier. I completed an RMA request on the Kingston Technology website. Within a few days the request was approved and I was sent an RMA number and a page to print & bring to a Fedex Shipping Location so they could process a shipping label. Kingston promptly shipped the new memory out via 2-day Fedex.

I am very impressed with Kingston's Warranty Policy and will definitely be buying Kingston next time I purchase memory!

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